Latest and Greatest Changes to the BACB Supervision and Requirements

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Are you confused by the new BACB guidelines? Well, what else is new? Just when you think you understand what you need to do to obtain and maintain your BCBA, things change. I guess that is the nature of things. But it doesn’t make it easier. I don’t know about you, but the recent changes have resulted in a lot of questions for my supervisees.

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to provide you with a “Readers’ Digest” version (what? you don’t know what Readers’ Digest is?) of the current and upcoming changes to the BACB requirements. I hope this helps:

Changes that started in January 2019:

The Monthly Experience System

The most significant change that current BCBA candidates need to be aware of is the new “Monthly Experience System.” Up until January, supervised independent fieldwork was based on a “two-week” system, where documentation of supervision experience had to be done every two weeks. While a supervisor could use their own form that covered all the bases, the BACB also supplied a simple template form that documented field experience hours and the amount of supervision received (which many of us used). Now, it has been changed to a monthly system with a standardized form that must be used. The form is incredibly simple to fill out. IMHO, I am not super enthused by this new form. Yes, it is easy to fill out, but I liked the old form as it provided both the supervisee and supervisor with a running record of the supervision experience (aside from other notes). But it’s the new law of the land, so enjoy the simplicity! Here’s a link to the form:

If you happen to be in an organization that and have multiple supervisors, here’s the form you will need:

Documentation of Behavior Analytic Activities

Up until January 1, 2019, the BACB did not require supervisees to document the type of behavior analytic activities that they were doing in their field placement. Like me, many supervisors had created their own forms in order to track these activities, but the BACB did not require it. Now it is a requirement that supervisees have this documentation as part of any field experience. While a supervisor may create their own system for tracking this information, the BACB has provided a system, now called the “Fieldwork Tracker” which is a downloadable EXCEL program that will do all this for you. While the BACB says that you don’t have to use their system, they do stipulate that if you are ever audited, they will need to see your data in their tracker program. So, as far as I am concerned, it’s all about the Fieldwork Tracker now. I have used the tracker and have found it somewhat clunky and old school, but why swim against the tide. Learn to use it. Learn to love it. Here is a Youtube tutorial to help. Good luck!

Final Verification Forms

And with the change in the monthly system, they have also changed the final verification form – that’s the form (s) that you send in at the end of supervision in order to qualify to take the exam. Like the monthly form, it is very brief and simple. Here is a link to it:

And if you have multiple supervisors in one organization:

And those are the big things for now. There are some upcoming changes to the number of CEUs that one needs in order to maintain certification, but that’s not till next year. And you are probably not a BCBA yet, so relax.

The really big changes are coming in January 2022, the most significant being that the length of a general fieldwork practicum will be extended from 1500 to 2000 hours and that the number of coursework hours will grow to 315 hours. I imagine that on January 2, 2022 there are going to be a lot of folks showing up in the emergency room with disjointed knees – from kicking themselves for not completing their fieldwork by the cutoff date!

If you ever have questions or need assistance, you can always email me. I’ve been a BCBA supervisor for eight years and I’m always happy to help.


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